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Shock Absorber South Africa

Our line of Shock Absorber sports bras for women will make a positive impact on your daily life from the first time you wear one of these pieces. Our Shock Absorber sports bras come in running and general sports styles to suit your athletic needs. These structured bras offer fun colors and incredible support to help you feel more comfortable and protected as you go about doing your daily exercises. Each bra is geared for maximal support and comfort no matter what type of workout you enjoy.

Shock Absorber sports bras come in a range of sizes that fit most women. Each of the bras has an elasticized bottom band that helps provide comfortable support. The center of each bra is structured to protect and support while absorbing the impact of a workout. These bras come with various styles of neck lines and back styles.

At Zando, we think these Shock Absorber sports bras are perfect for women because they help you achieve a healthy lifestyle in comfort. They coordinate perfectly with our other exercise gear and athletic apparel. They are versatile enough to wear all day long. These bras are also a great investment in yourself and your health.