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Smith & Jones

At Zando, we know that clothes can make a big difference in how a man looks and feels. With stylish clothes, you can have the confidence to chat with an attractive woman, try something new or ask for that promotion at work. To help get you looking and feeling great, Smith & Jones is one of the top brands available. Buying their carefully designed menswear means that you can always know your fashion is on the cutting edge, but you don't have to spend a fortune to look great. From cool looks for the beach to warmer options for winter, Smith & Jones has you covered.

If your typical style is more beach bum than corporate executive, you will love the board-shorts available on Zando from Smith & Jones. Each pair has a tropical pattern, and you will even get a pair of matching flip-flops to complete the look. Pair the shorts with a casual vintage tee in bold colours to stay bang on the current trend. If the weather forces you to get a little more dressed up, slip on a pair of the straight-leg jeans from Smith & Jones. Each pair is available in a series of washes from dark blue to faded, and each pair also comes with a woven belt. Complete the winter look with a trendy knitted jumper or a windbreaker with a vintage feel that keeps you cozy no matter what the weather.