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Speedo Performance South Africa

Get your swim on with these fantastic accessories by Speedo Performance , now available in South Africa! With a strong reputation and long history of making performance swimwear for Olympians, Speedo has produced this line of swimming accessories for novice and expert swimmers alike!

At Zando, we think that these Speedo Performance swimming accessories are perfect for everyone because they are designed to help you have a great swim and maintain both comfort and style all at the same time. These high performing swimwear items include the latest in fabric advancements in swimming caps to reduce resistance while in the water. These swimming caps come in a variety of colours and are moulded to fit your head perfectly. The silicone resists water and protects your hair from the ravages of chlorine exposure.

We think that the Speedo Performance swimming goggles are perfect for any swimmer because they let you see everything around you while at the same time protecting your eyes from salt, chlorine and ultraviolet rays. The flexible rubber coating ensures a perfect fit for everyone. With several colour options, they look great too. Wear them in the sea or in the pool and you will have a much improved swimming experience.