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Contempo Clothing

CONTEMPO is a brand with a fast-growing reach within South Africa, focusing strongly on delivering quality items at affordable prices. Covering a wide spectrum of casual options as well as work attire, CONTEMPO is a brand you can invest in and enjoy wearing to a variety of events and occasions.

With the modern and contemporary woman in mind, this brand brings forth a range of classic professional pieces you can feel confident wearing around the office. CONTEMPO also understands the importance of downtime too and wanted to cater to every woman in and out of the office, bringing forth up-to-date trendy casual pieces. Their fashion is designed and inspired by seasonal catwalk trends and they ensure your looks remain runway-worthy.

Here at Zando we love a brand that can cater to both leisure and professional settings, putting Contempo on our list of must-have brands. Refresh your wardrobe with options from bottoms to tops and dresses, completing a full outfit that you can feel confident in.

With the main goal of helping to restore confidence in South African women, CONTEMPO puts emphasis on creating looks that bring out a natural sense of happiness, confidence, and beauty so that you can feel content and successful in your day-to-day life.