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Fila South Africa

Zando brings you the very best in fashion-conscious clothing, shoes and accessories. Fila, a premier brand of athletic shoes for those who are serious about sports -- and fashion -- is now available from Zando in South Africa. Whether you're an athlete or a fashion maven, you'll love Fila shoes for their bold style and casual good looks.

Fila, an Italian manufacturer of quality sportswear, has been in business for more than one hundred years, so they've had plenty of time to create a quality product. Now that Fila ships its sportswear worldwide, you can enjoy browsing through this awesome collection of shoes here on Zando.

Fila shoes are known for their competitive edge both on the catwalk and the tennis court, and they possess a unique combination of vintage style and modern technology to provide you with a great product. With a great pair of Fila shoes, you'll be able to go wherever the day takes you here in South Africa. You'll love wearing them for both their comfort and their timeless style.

Available in a variety of sizes and colors, Fila shoes are just right for creating an edgy yet casual urban look. We're proud to offer these outstanding shoes in both monochrome and bold, colourful styles, so you'll be able to choose just the right pair. More than an athletic shoe, Fila shoes are an essential in any hip, trendy wardrobe. Wear them with a great pair of jeans and a casual top to create a look that's just right for any fashion-forward situation.