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Lee South Africa

Founded in 1889, the Lee brand quickly became synonymous with long-lasting and rugged clothing. Today, the brand is owned by the VF Corporation, which is the largest apparel company in the world. Moreover, Lee has branched out and now offers more stylish clothing items while still maintaining the durability aspect that was part of their original design. We at Zando are excited to bring this fabulous brand to our customers. We believe that the clothing brand Lee, which specializes in work and casual wear, will be well received by all our customers in South Africa as it is already well received in many other countries. Now available at Zando are various items from Lee, which includes men and women’s jeans, work shirts and t-shirts in various cuts, fits and sizes. What make the brand Lee so appealing is its ability to fit bodies of all sizes and meet various style demands, meaning most everyone likes wearing Lee. For example, Lee now offers skinny jeans in addition to their regular fitting jeans to appeal to younger customers. However, the quality of the Lee brand still goes into every single clothing item they make traditional or otherwise. We are thrilled at Zando to be offering our customers access to such a great brand and know that customers of all ages will enjoy the variety of clothing items available.