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Tsonga South Africa

Tsonga shoes are hand-made in South Africa and available for purchase at Zando. When you want your footwear to reflect your culture and style, you need access to a South African shoe company. Every pair of Tsonga shoes are lovingly crafted by an artist who creates a drawing of a unique shoe design. The artist then delivers the design to the pattern maker who starts working right away. Tsonga makes shoes for both women and men.

You can find boots, slip-on shoes, high-heeled shoes, sandals and flip-flops from Tsonga at Zando. Boots are constructed from the finest leather available in South Africa. They are sturdy enough to provide support and elegant enough to draw attention in a crowd. Slip-on shoes, also known as pumps, fit snugly to your feet. Tsonga pumps, which are often adorned with South African flowers, are different from pumps you can buy anywhere else.

Both men and women looked relaxed and confident in a pair of Tsonga sandals. Men have the option of slip-on or strapped sandals to complete the look of a true outdoorsman. High-heeled sandals for women can be worn for almost any type of occasion. For women who need to get in and out of their shoes quickly, a flat sandal may be more appropriate. Regardless of the shoe style you choose, you will be supporting the work of a village of people making a better lives for themselves and for you.