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Recommend Zando products and earn with every order.

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Firstly, this is who we are:

At Zando, we offer the widest selection of fashion, accessories, beauty and homeware from over 700 local and international brands, at the lowest prices in SA.

What we can do for each other

Spread the message of how awesome Zando is as an additional way to make revenue from your website!.

How It Works:

Simply register your website for free with our affiliate partner Admarula

Advertising Method

Once your application is successful, you can select your preferred advertising method

Generate Commission

Every lead and sale generated by the advertising on your site will be tracked, and you’ll be paid commission.

How You Can Benefit
commission & payments
How much you will earn:

• 5% commission on every sale

• R8 per newsletter signup

How does payment work?

Your commission is tallied after each month, and the payment is carried out by Admarula

These are Your Advertising Options

Display Banners
Display Banners

These banners will be displayed on your website to promote Zando content. It could be anything from brands and deals, to sneakers or new arrivals. We are more than happy to tailor banners and their content to any of your specific needs.


On a case-by-case basis, we can provide you with a specific promotional coupons to share with your audience and you will get paid a commission on each referred sale. We can also create artwork to accompany the code if needed - see the example of a banner created for one of our affiliates. Please note that these coupons will need to be motivated by the publisher.

Case Study

All4Women is one of our top publishers, and has been earning commission through our affiliate programme since 2016. Using tactics such as textlinks, banner ads and mailers, and leveraging big campaigns like Black Friday and End Of Season Sales, they have seen commission growth of 167% year on year.

Case Study
Let's Get Started

Head to our affiliate partner platform,
Admarula, to register. Once your
application has been reviewed and
accepted, you’ll be able to choose from
the variety of advertising media to find the
method most suitable to you.

Start earning commission today!


The Zando affiliate team will happily assist you. Get in touch with us at

Please read our restrictions carefully in order to avoid any misunderstandings. Our policies regulate the rights and duties between the website operator and